our mentality

You can see that we’re a gym, and we’ll tell you more about that below. In a nutshell, we’re a strength development company. When you start with physical change (training and nutrition) you open the door to changes in your mindset and relationships. The process of strength development is really cool, challenging and fun all at the same time.

You might have sought out a gym to lose weight, gain muscle, stay healthy, or look and feel a certain way. And while these can be great motivators, we believe there's more to it.  

Our mentality is a little different. We replace the word "workout" or "exercise" with training.  Training implies focus, purpose and organization.  We focus on quality movement, which translates into injury prevention, better performance and longevity.  Our purpose as movement experts is to challenge your bodies to perform with smart, effective programming.  Organization of our programs ensures that you build tissue strength, technique, volume and skill in proper progressions.

Our programming is done with intention, science-backed physiology and feedback from our members. You will have the opportunity to work on your individual goals several days per week with guidance and progression.

And while training our bodies is important, we want to keep the big picture in mind. We provide opportunities to use our physical training- usually outside and with other people. We also challenge our minds, provide some really meaningful opportunities to learn & grow, and create an uplifting community.    

our staff

We believe that setting our standards higher leads you to do the same. Our staff has sought out higher level training and certifications to know their stuff. You are their “why” and it shows in the energy and experience they bring to you.

We've brought together a field of experienced specialists and coaches with backgrounds in:

  • Physical Therapy

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum

  • Nutrition

  • Wellness & Lifestyle

  • Athlete Development

  • Tactical Training

  • Running

  • Natural Movement

  • Yoga

  • Kettlebells

  • Barbell Lifts

  • Bodyweight & Functional Training

Aside from our in-house team, we pull from our network of colleagues in the fields of sports psychology, emergency professional training, and a variety of sports and outdoor activity specialists.  If we don't have a staff member to answer your question or meet your need, we probably know them and can get you in touch.  

our process

1) You start your ETHOS experience with Foundations week. Whether you've never picked up a weight or you've competed as an athlete, you’ll find opportunities to reinforce basics, refine technique, and introduce you to areas outside of your comfort zone (read: growth). 

2) During Foundations week, you’ll have access to a screen with our Wellness Coach, Nutritional, and Physical Therapists to assess your current status and goals, make a plan and follow up if needed.

3) After you complete your Foundations week, you can choose any membership option from open gym access, class passes or our combined packages of all of our services.  

4) We will check in with you on your goals, keep you motivated and engaged, and have a variety of growth and challenge opportunities available each month.