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Learn how to listen to the cues your body has been giving you.

Most people try dieting or restriction to feel better or be healthy. Functional Nutritional Therapy helps shift your mindset to supporting and healing with real food, lifestyle change and high-quality supplements. You’ll figure out what your body needs to feel good and be healthy.

Ready to order?

1. Go to:

2. Click on “Create Account” up in right hand corner of screen and create your account (Note: if you already have an account, just sign in to your existing one)

3. Order

4. It will ship right to your door

Nutritional Therapy focuses on holistic, evidence based research, and is a comprehensive and personalized approach to health and healing.

Where does Nutritional Therapy Start?

Amanda, NT Client

"I knew a little about nutrition before I started with Liv, but I was still getting cravings, not feeling like I had energy to last me through the day, and found myself almost obsessing about what I was going to eat. After meeting with Liv, I've gained knowledge on what MY body needs to function at its best. I've learned how to heal my body's systems so I can stop obsessing on what to eat, stop  getting crazy cravings, and live an energy filled life."

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