Below you’ll find the Ethos RBA form. You can use it to change personal habits, reach physical fitness goals, or improve just about anything you can think of. It’s up to you to determine the actions you’re going to take based on the framework process, track the data or measures you’re going to use to see if you’re improving, and re-assess at regular intervals to modify your plan and celebrate your progress between point A and point B (what we call, “turning the curve”).

Although the framework is created to be simple to follow, sometimes a coach, friend or family member can help you develop the story behind your current curve and brainstorm your strategies and action plan. Add these people in the “who could help you turn this curve” section. It might include professionals, but doesn’t have to.

Need help with your curves? Story? Plan? We’re here to help.

Contact Cait, Amanda, or Liv for more information.