Your job requires you to be constantly ready for action. Use programming designed to prepare you to meet the challenges you face every day. 


Designed for emergency professionals, military and pre-military preparation

 The tactical athlete doesn’t have the luxury of an “off season” and your training must reflect this. Your daily tasks can take a tole on your mind and body, and recovery; your programming must be flexible to accommodate this while still obtaining the objective of improved fitness. 

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training structure

Start with our Foundations program to get your body and mind ready to train. You’ll learn kettlebell, barbell and recovery techniques. When you’re done with Foundations, you can choose to train on your own during open gym hours (4am- 10pm) or join one of our tactical small groups for some accountability and camaraderie. Depending on your fitness level, work schedule, objective and recovery, you’ll train 3-6 days per week. Training is flexible and you have online access to re-arrange each week’s training as you need to.


You will work indoors and out. Lift barbells and other implements. Gain strength, power, endurance as well as mobility to help you perform better on the job and prevent injuries that occur when working in ever-changing environments.