LOVE ETHOS, it’s trainers, and community! So happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. What was scary at first has now become the highlight of my day! The workouts are awesome and always changing. There’s modifications for anything new/challenging and the trainers are always there critiquing form and encouraging your best effort. I have been rewarded with increased strength, posture, and friendship!
— J.J.
Every single person that I meet at ETHOS comes from a different background, has a different fitness level, and the community as a whole is SO inviting, encouraging and fun! I am so hooked on this training facility that makes my life so much easier. I have grown physically and emotionally as a person since stumbling upon ETHOS and I wish I would have found it sooner!
— E.S

The coaches at Ethos are great! They help you make modifications so that your body can work safely. Their foundations class is an excellent way to get accommodated to the equipment and ease you into the gym schedule. Everyone is friendly, encouraging, and helpful so that you can achieve your fitness goals without pressure.
— H.L.

Ethos is constantly striving for growth on every aspect of life, not just with body movement. It’s unlike any other gym I’ve ever been a part of and am proud to be a member. Overall just a high quality facility and I highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to improve your entire quality of life and be challenged in the most positive ways.
— J.S.

Ethos has been amazing! The trainers are excellent; very knowledgable and friendly! After going through a very tough time emotionally and physically this past year, I have found an amazing community in Ethos. I am so very great full for that. I am excited to continue to gain friendships through Ethos, as well as get stronger and stronger each workout. I’ve never felt better!!!
— L.F

Ethos is top notch, it more than just a place to workout .You get the best training from Dr’s of physical therapy to extremely knowledgeable trainers. The sense of community at Ethos is fostered by staff and runs deep through its members. I encourage you to stop waiting around and give Ethos a chance.
— J.F.

Great place for off-season conditioning for youth athletes, including hockey players. Highly recommend the training at Ethos PT not only because of the physical results (which were noticed immediately upon returning to the ice), but also the care they have for each of their members!
— T.Q.

AMAZING PLACE!!!! The staff takes time to make sure you fully understand how to do each workout, it is a great variety so you dont get bored, I look forward to working out now thanks to Ethos.
— J.K.

I love everything about this place and I look forward to every training session! Being 12 weeks postpartum and still being able to train and put in some challenging work yet still being gentle on my body has been such a positive transition for me. The coaches are knowledgeable in BirthFit and has helped me ease back into what I love...moving and feeling strong and capable!
I love being able to go train and bring my whole tribe of kiddos with me knowing they can also play with other kids and be supervised by an adult so I can get in my “me time” and take care of myself without stressing about my kids. Having childcare is such a plus!
— J.S.

Supportive “family” atmosphere where you not only get stronger physically but emotionally and mentally too. Great coaches and great members.
— L.A