Wellness Coaching: how to become the strongest version of yourself. 

What is wellness?:

If we asked you to define the terms "wellness" or "health", what would you come up with?   

Would it be creating exercise habits or changing eating behaviors?  These are what most people would define as "physical health."  What about sleeping patterns, stress management, creating mindfulness and awareness, positive self talk, or creating time for mediation? Wellness looks at these additional facets to help you design and enjoy a lifestyle of well-being, not just health.  Are you pursuing health, wellness, or both? 

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (World Health Organization).

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How do we pursue wellness?:

Change is hard. We know that; we're not here to convince you otherwise. We all struggle, sometimes daily, with the things we know we should do to be our healthiest. And while your external motivation will fade, your internal motivation lasts. The key to internal motivation is to find your "why"! Working with our wellness coach, you will team up to explore your values, strengths and vision for your life.   You will define and develop "your why," which will act as the foundation and framework for the plan of action you start putting into practice.

Meet your Coach: 

Amanda, our wellness coach, is interested in learning who you are, meeting you where you are at in your journey, and having an authentic conversation about your struggles and success, without judgement. Her goal is to help you stop feeling defeated, unworthy, self-conscious or weak.  She will help you develop and execute a plan that makes you feel successful, deserving, confident and strong.  She has the training and expertise to help you find a growth mindset, create forward moving patterns and get you the life that you desire. You can be your best self!  Sometimes we just need a plan, vision, and a little help to get there.