ETHOS is a team of strength, yoga & wellness coaches, and physical & nutritional therapists. We help you learn what’s holding you back from your healthiest self, make a plan to change it, and support you along the journey. We’ll guide you through training your body in the gym, adopting a mindset for growth and success and nourishing your body optimally.

Our Mission

To develop a community engaged in their health through education, action and support.

Nutritional therapy

Nutrition has profound potential to spark physical and mental change. Learn to fuel your body instead of restrict it; select foods that make you feel and look good, and improve your relationship with food.
— Olivia Hebiesen, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

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Physical Therapy

I can think of no better joy than to move and interact with the world; be it in sport, travel, recreation or enjoyment of our friends and family. When pain or dysfunction limit our life, heed it as a warning signal to take action.
— Dr. Cait Larsen, Physical Therapist

To Schedule a Physical Therapy Visit:

  • Call, text or email Cait: or 507-951-8822

  • Please include the following information with your request:

    • Your first and last name

    • If you were referred by a Physician or Self-Referred

    • Preferred appointment day and AM/PM or specific time

    • Your insurance carrier or self-pay (if unsure, we can help answer questions)

    • Your home address, phone number, and email


Yoga can bring many things to the body and mind; breath, peace, still, movement, power or restoration.
— Andrea Botchek, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

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