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Too many people miss out on feeling and performing their best.

Don’t let your body or mind hold you back from living up to your full, God-given potential.

We believe a life well-lived includes being active with the people and things we love. Training your body, fueling it, and keeping it moving well are how we do it.


Our Classes



Designed for adults who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Class options specific to Kettlebells, Barbells, Parents, and Men's Weightlifting.


Adaptive Adults

Geared for those who may be just starting an exercise routine, those who are coming off an injury or those who have physical impairments which call for modification. The focus for this program is to develop strength and cardio while also prioritizing balance and mobility. 



Designed for athletes ages 4K-high school. Each class is split up by age group and skill level. Classes focus on proper movement patterns for the youngest athletes and refining + improving skills and strength with the oldest level.

Why join a class?

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